StoryBoard for Feabie Dating App

StoryBoard for Feabie Dating App

Today, I’m excited to take you behind the scenes of a project close to my heart—the time I served as a concept artist for the creation of characters and the storyboard for a captivating advertisement for a cutting-edge dating app. Join me on this artistic odyssey as we explore the intricate process of bringing love stories to life on the digital canvas.

Every great project begins with a clear vision. As I delved into the world of this innovative dating app, I immersed myself in its unique features, target audience, and overall brand identity. Understanding the essence of the app was crucial to shaping the artistic direction that would resonate most effectively.

Characters are the soul of any narrative, and in the realm of a dating app advertisement, each character had to embody the spirit of genuine connection. From the charismatic lead to the diverse ensemble cast, I poured creativity into every detail, ensuring that our characters became relatable and compelling figures in the love stories we were about to unfold.


Storyboarding played a pivotal role in narrating the journey of love through visuals. With meticulous attention to detail, we mapped out scenes that seamlessly transitioned, evoking authentic emotions and creating a memorable user experience. The narrative arc not only showcased the app’s functionality but also resonated emotionally, making it more than just an advertisement.

Art and branding collided as we carefully selected visual elements aligned with the dating app’s identity. The color palettes, design elements mirroring the app’s user interface, and overall aesthetics were all purposefully chosen to create a cohesive and visually striking representation of the brand.

No artistic endeavor is complete without collaboration. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions with the client played a crucial role in refining the concept. This iterative process not only ensured the alignment of artwork with expectations but also enriched the project with diverse perspectives.

You can check out how the final animation came out at the end here:

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