Halloween Hunt Game

Halloween Hunt Game

Picture this: a game where the mission is to seek out a series of icons nestled among a vibrant assortment of random objects, each with its own distinct color. Our client envisioned a Halloween-inspired edition of this captivating gameplay, and I eagerly embraced the challenge of crafting a big picture using a myriad of little icons—a puzzle awaiting discovery.

The canvas for our Halloween escapade was set, and the objective was clear—to concoct a spooky, yet endearing, big picture assembled from a multitude of playful icons. From adorable pumpkins and mischievous black cats to bewitching broomsticks and grinning jack-o’-lanterns, each icon was carefully chosen to evoke the quintessential Halloween charm.

As the virtual game board took shape, the challenge was not just to make it visually enticing but also to infuse it with the thrill of the hunt. The icons seamlessly blended into a larger Halloween tableau, inviting players to explore every nook and cranny in search of the hidden gems that would complete the picture.


This bewitching creation was not just for the joy of gameplay; it was the centerpiece of a Halloween campaign that aimed to spread the magic far and wide. The game became a captivating way to engage audiences, providing not only entertainment but also a visual treat steeped in the festive atmosphere.

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